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bona fides of the world renowned Research Triangle Park. 

The Exosome Difference

What are exosomes, and how do they work?

First, let’s consider this cool fact about skin cells: They’re natural copycats. Scientists have long observed that when one skin cell is in a happy state, neighboring cells tend to become happy, too.

Happy exosomes come from healthy cells. Each exosome carries a code that other cells can copy, so they can be healthy, too.That’s where exosomes come in. These tiny messengers are found naturally throughout the body, floating like bubbles between cells. Think of them as power couriers, pinging from one cell to another to improve communication, keeping the calm and ensuring operations stay in sync. 

Each exosome is encoded with unique data and goodies. When an exosome encounters another cell, the cell uploads a status update, along with a nutrient payload and instructions for mimicking the happy cell that started it all.

Exosomes = happy cells. Special delivery indeed.

When an exosome meets a new cell, the cell learns how to mimic its neighbor. This creates a ripple effect as the process repeats.Exosomes themselves aren’t new; they’re a vital aspect of our biology. But only recently have scientists figured out how to culture and use them for different purposes.

For instance, some researchers are studying how exosomes can help grow and regenerate specific types of tissue—exciting times for medical science. 

Our Zen3 exosome technology is the cosmetic application of those principles. We’ve pioneered the method for duplicating the exosomes that promote the radical perfection of skin.

Our exosomes sync cells to lock in hydration and radiance, while facilitating self-repair to reduce the outward appearance of aging.

eXO's scientists have dubbed this duplication method a “tuning” process. It doesn’t alter the exosomes’ natural blueprint in any way. It just pulls the strings to optimize their performance (and make beautiful cellular harmony
 that works with all skin types).

The Image Of How eXoSkin To Deliver ExoSomes Directly To SkineXO Perfection Moisturizer is the only cream in the world infused with Zen3 exosomes—more than 150 million in every bottleIt’s the only moisturizer you need for today, tomorrow and beyond.