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Yeti Scientific

Body Moisturizer - Lotion - 10oz

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The smooth operator your skin's been seeking.

A breakthrough body lotion that radically quenches and soothes dry, dull skin. Intelligent Zen3 technology rejuvenates skin from the cellular level up, while Next-gen natural ingredients visibly firm, nourish and clarify. Slather it on from the collarbone on down, from tips to toes for clean, healthy skin. Perfect for all skin types.

* Directions for use: Apply liberally to clean, dry skin. Massage in well all over, morning and evening. Prepare to be liberated. Kiss your old routine goodbye. For external use only.

* Airless Pump priming: To ensure the quality of our product, we use a premium airless pump, which requires some priming(pumping) to get the formula moving. An airless pump does not use a tube inside, rather it uses air to push all of the product through the pump and keeps bacteria out. Make certain the the neck of the top is tight, then pump many times until the lotion expels. Sometimes in shipment the formula can settle in an usual way and needs to be primed. Pump as many times as needed until the lotion comes out—then you are good to go!

* New to eXO? Take our skincare challenge: Try using eXO Perfection Moisturizer for two weeks without layering on additional serums, oils or creams. Thanks to eXO’s rapid rejuvenating properties, you may find you need fewer products for skin to look and feel better than ever.